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Your Vision. Our Mission.

At CRM Hacker, we are more than just consultants – we are the architects of your Salesforce success. With years of specialized experience, our team is dedicated to unlocking the full potential of your CRM investment.​ 

CRM Hacker Our Mission

Our Mission

At CRM Hacker, we adopt your vision as our mission. We are dedicated to empowering businesses by maximizing the potential of their Salesforce CRM. With bespoke solutions tailored to streamline processes and amplify growth, we commit to transforming challenges into opportunities—turning your business aspirations into our benchmarks for success.

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Our Vision

Our vision at CRM Hacker is to lead with a standard of excellence in Salesforce solutions that embody our tagline: 'Your vision, our mission.' We aim to be pioneers in CRM innovation, where each client's dream drives our pursuit of breakthrough solutions. Together, we chart a future where your industry benchmarks are redefined, achieving beyond the expected, and realizing the full horizon of your business potential.

Our Journey

Founded in the heart of innovation, CRM Hacker began as a boutique consultancy with a single mission: to deliver bespoke Salesforce solutions that drive growth and efficiency. Today, we stand proud as industry leaders, recognized for our unwavering commitment to excellence and our transformative impact on businesses across the spectrum.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the power of Salesforce extends beyond its technical capabilities. It's about understanding your business's heartbeat – your processes, your people, and your customers. That's why we approach each project with a holistic mindset, integrating seamless solutions that not only solve complex problems but also foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Our Commitment

Your success is our success. We are committed to providing you with not just solutions but a strategic partnership that helps your business thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Our Team


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President & Founder

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CRM Hacker | Jonathan Carlson Headshot

Beyond the Office

When not charting new paths for CRM Hacker, Jonathan is an avid explorer of the outdoors. His love for nature is often mirrored in his work approach - adaptable, resourceful, and always seeking new horizons. He's also a community advocate, believing that businesses have the power to drive positive change in society.

A Journey of Dedication and Expertise

Jonathan's journey in the world of CRM began over 15 years ago. His deep-seated fascination with technology and customer relationship management led him to explore the vast potential of Salesforce. His expertise isn't just rooted in technical know-how; it's bolstered by a genuine understanding of how CRM can transform businesses from the inside out.

Visionary Leadership

The CRM Hacker approach combines cutting-edge solutions with personalized strategies, ensuring every client receives a service tailored to their unique business needs. Jonathan's vision extends beyond mere consultancy; he aims to forge lasting partnerships with clients, guiding them through every step of their Salesforce journey.

The Heart of CRM Hacker

Jonathan's commitment to excellence and his belief in the transformative power of Salesforce are at the core of CRM Hacker's ethos. He continues to lead the company with a blend of strategic foresight and a commitment to client success, making CRM Hacker not just a consultancy, but a catalyst for business transformation.


Chief Happiness Officer

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CRM Hacker | Abbie

Beyond the Office Duties

When she's not busy being the morale booster at CRM Hacker, Abbie enjoys long walks, chasing her favorite ball, and napping in sunny spots around the office. She's also a social butterfly, often seen making friends during her walks and bringing them back to the office for impromptu playdates.

Spreading Joy and Boosting Morale

Abbie's role at CRM Hacker is crucial. Her days are filled with greeting team members with wagging tail enthusiasm, ensuring everyone starts their day with a smile. Her presence in the office has been a game-changer, contributing to a positive and stress-free work environment.

The Inspiration Behind the Happiness

Abbie joined the CRM Hacker family as a young pup and quickly became an integral part of the team. Her ability to lighten the mood and provide comfort during high-pressure moments is unmatched. She reminds us all of the importance of balance and joy in our work.

The Paw-sitive Impact

Abbie's impact on the team's spirit and overall wellbeing is immeasurable. She embodies the joyful spirit and friendly environment that CRM Hacker prides itself on. Her role goes beyond just being a pet; she's a reminder of the lighter side of life, making CRM Hacker not just a workplace but a happy, thriving community.

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