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A New Chapter: The Evolution from Carlson Solutions to CRM Hacker


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Hi everyone! Jonathan Carlson here, from sunny Fort Lauderdale. Today, I'm thrilled to share some big news about my company. You've known us as Carlson Solutions, your go-to Salesforce consulting experts. Now, it's time for an exciting transition - we're evolving into CRM Hacker!

This rebrand isn't just a name change. It's the beginning of a new era of innovation and advanced Salesforce solutions. We're launching expanded services, an incredible upcoming app, and a newly defined service package that's set to revolutionize CRM consultancy.

I started Carlson Solutions with a vision to transform how businesses interact with Salesforce. We've always strived to push boundaries and unlock hidden potentials. Now, as CRM Hacker, our commitment doubles. We're here to decode CRM complexities and open up growth avenues that were previously unimaginable for our clients.

Our promise to you remains the same: delivering comprehensive, top-tier services to leverage Salesforce’s robust toolkit. Our team's extensive knowledge across the Salesforce platform ensures you get nothing but unparalleled expertise.

The rebranding process was introspective. We delved deep into our core values, market presence, and client feedback. The result? A fresh visual identity with a sleek, dynamic logo reflecting our dedication to progress and innovation.

I'm also super excited about our new website, It features our innovative CRM Health Grader tool, designed to diagnose and enhance your CRM’s performance. While we're busy preparing case studies, our website will serve as a hub of knowledge and the go-to resource for elevating CRM strategies.

And there's more! Keep an eye out for our trailblazing app, designed to provide a seamless experience with the exceptional service and tailored solutions you've come to expect from us.

At CRM Hacker, we're more than a Salesforce consulting firm. We're your partners in fine-tuning your Salesforce environment for perfect alignment with your operational needs.

Our team's technical skills, combined with strategic business acumen, are geared to maximize the impact of your Salesforce investment. We're committed to delivering custom solutions that boost efficiency, enhance sales operations, and elevate customer engagement.

So, join us on this journey as we redefine how Salesforce can elevate your business. Together, let's revolutionize customer interactions and drive your success.

Got any questions or just want to say hello? Drop us an email at

To our continued growth and success,

Jonathan Carlson Founder, CRM Hacker

About CRM Hacker

CRM Hacker, a premier Salesforce consulting firm, is dedicated to fortifying businesses with bespoke CRM solutions. We excel in fine-tuning Salesforce environments for seamless alignment with your operational demands, specializing in CPQ optimization and tailor-made CRM tactics.

At CRM Hacker, we take pride in our profound Salesforce acumen and our capacity to leverage it as a potent business catalyst. Our seasoned team merges technical skills with strategic business acumen to maximize your Salesforce investment’s impact.

We engage deeply with our clients, delivering custom solutions that bolster efficiency, enhance sales operations, and elevate customer engagement. CRM Hacker is resolute in its mission to drive your success and revolutionize customer interactions.

Embark on our journey to redefine how Salesforce elevates your business.

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