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The Hidden Pitfalls of Salesforce Implementations

Are you tired of Salesforce projects that overpromise and underdeliver? In our latest video, Jonathan from CRM Hacker shares real-world insights and practical tips to ensure your Salesforce setup is done right the first time.

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  • Common pitfalls in Salesforce implementations

  • The importance of aligning Salesforce with your business processes

  • How to avoid over-customization and keep things simple

  • The value of user engagement, comprehensive documentation, and ongoing training

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Connect with us today to learn how CRM Hacker can help you build a scalable, efficient, and user-friendly Salesforce system. Let's ensure your Salesforce is built the right way, the first time.


Hey everyone, Jonathan from CRM Hacker here.

I've been hearing a lot of feedback on Salesforce agencies and consultants lately. One CEO I just spoke with gave me a vivid analogy on an implementation that he just went through. So he said, it's like I went to a restaurant and ordered a burger and the waiter brought out a raw burger patty. Then I asked for it to be cooked.

And it came back well done like a brick. Finally, I asked for it medium with cheese and that's exactly what I got without a bun and lettuce.

Too often, Salesforce consultants and agencies are just doing exactly what they're asked without understanding the real needs, without doing any discovery to really uncover the business requirements and challenges. Clients are being taken for a ride for overpriced projects that frequently fail or go out of scope. Then you've got to go back to fix it. There's too much emphasis on customization instead of just understanding process and simplicity.

So as the CRM Hacker, I collaborate with you to create user stories and ensure that each user in the Salesforce system is supplemented with the processes and strategy you need. We prefer building off standard objects and avoiding unnecessary coding. We're a low-code, no-code shop. I focus on flows when it comes to automation. We also help you analyze and compare building vs. buying. We truly want to see our clients get the most value out of their systems and our services.

That's what makes CRM Hacker different. Call me to chat about anything go-to-market, and let's ensure your Salesforce is built the right way, the first time.


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