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CRM Health Grader

Effortlessly Optimize Your Salesforce with Our CRM Health Check

CRM Hacker | Salesforce health score

CRM Hacker’s Health Grader is the ultimate tool for Salesforce optimization. In just seconds, our CRM health check analyzes your Salesforce environment, delivering a detailed health score that pinpoints areas for improvement. From enhancing data quality to optimizing operational efficiency, our tool identifies key interventions needed to elevate your CRM performance.

Startling Statistics

  • 91% of CRM data is incomplete, leading to missed opportunities and distorted analytics.

  • 70% of CRM data degrades annually, affecting the reliability of your business insights.


Leverage the CRM Health Grader today to ensure your Salesforce system supports robust business growth. Begin by evaluating your CRM’s performance and implementing strategic enhancements.

Assess Your CRM's Vital Signs
Your CRM Health is Mediocre

Identify and address the key challenges within your CRM

Discover the extent of missing data in your Salesforce and its potential impact on your business. Our grader highlights 12 vital CRM health indicators, such as:

  • Opportunities lacking recent engagement

  • Contacts missing essential information

  • Inadequate account engagement

  • Suboptimal sales rep activity

Instant, Comprehensive Analysis


Gain immediate, in-depth insights into the state of your CRM, encompassing opportunity health, contact information completeness, account engagement, and sales rep activity levels.

Quickly identify the most pressing issues with a prioritized overview, enabling you to strategically tackle and resolve these challenges.

Commitment to Security and Confidentiality


We prioritize your data's security and privacy in the CRM Health Grader. Here's our guarantee:

  • No personal emails or contact details are shared

  • Access is strictly read-only

  • Your OAuth token is not retained or cached (it disappears once your browser session ends)

  • We only use anonymized data for benchmarking


Effortless, No-Download Solution


Skip the lengthy analysis process. The CRM Health Grader provides the insights you need without any downloads, saving you valuable time.

CRM Hacker Health Grader Sample Report
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